4 Truths About Riding a Motorcycle

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There are a few things you know to expect when you decide to ride a motorcycle. But no matter how prepared you think you are you still don’t know quite how things work out until you start riding. So here are a few truths you should know beforehand.


#4 Riding Way Too Fast

After seeing these words, you might think like that’s a good thing and that it confirms your freedom. But this isn’t about reckless driving, it’s about the fact that motorcyclists ride way too fast. The fact is that we’ve adapted to driving in cars, which are aerodynamic, shock absorbing and shelter you from outside stimuli. But nevertheless, the speed we are travelling, either in a car or a motorcycle, it is too fast for us. It is only easier to get over this fact in a car, but with a motorcycle is a bit different. You are exposed and riding on an engine and just two wheels, with no real shelter. Once you’ve mounted a motorcycle, it is easier to comprehend just how fast everyone is going and how dangerous it really is.


#3 Other Drivers Hate You

If you are riding a bike in traffic, it doesn’t matter if you are being really careful and considerate, or driving recklessly, chances are other participants don’t like you. It doesn’t just stop at that, often drivers will tailgate you, and honk at you. Not only is it annoying, but it’s a problem because it is distracting for both you and the other drivers, putting your lives potentially in danger. Also, they will tend to pass you in-lane. Even though there is enough space for them to do so, it’s not recommendable and is still very dangerous, but because of perceiving you as an obstacle that only slows them down, they won’t hesitate to act if there appears to be enough room.

#2 Protective Gear

motorcycle_gearIf you ever glanced at an average motorcycle rider, you might have seen them in plain clothes, or somewhat layered set of clothing. It is generally thought that the gear consists of a leather jacket, jeans and a helmet, and most riders feel comfortable in just that. However, it is not just that simple. The gear is actually made out of very resistant materials such as Kevlar and Corduna, and is an obligation for every driver to own and wear them. Even though it is not the most comfortable clothing, it does look awesome. It is sort of a modern day suit of armour. Its purpose is to protect you if you fall, so it’s sort of indestructible, which is amazing.

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#1 It’s Like Riding a Bicycle… Not.

You might have heard this before, and it’s not uncommon amongst experienced drivers to say these words. However, nothing could be further from the truth. The basics of driving are similar, you steer, and stop and move using the same manoeuvres, but that’s about it. There is so much more to riding a motorcycle that has nothing with riding a bike – such as shifting gears, throttle, clutch, etc.

If done right, motorcycling is an amazing experience, so be sure to be careful, patient and wear protective gear!


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