Advice On How To Choose A Legit Phone Psychic

When you call a phone psychic, you expect to speak with someone who is gifted. Given that you are being charged by the minute (depending on the psychic or network), you shouldn’t get anything less than an honest reading.

Unfortunately, many regard phone readings as a channel for easy money and exploiting the trust people still have in this valuable art and practice. And if you want to avoid being part of a scam, take the following advice into consideration.

Assess What You Expect/Need From The Reading

The first thing you have to know is that there are many types of psychics, and you are going to save yourself a lot of time finding the right one by deciding on the type you need. For example, some of the most common phone psychic readings you get include:

A Clairvoyant Reading

With this type of psychic, their gift involves the ability to see images and visions. Of course, some clairvoyants are more in control of their gifts than others. For example, those with great control can get into the reading on command and without any delay. But those who are still developing might need a few seconds to make a connection.

An Intuitive Reading

Unlike clairvoyants, the psychics that offer intuitive readings don’t use visions or images. Instead, they work with energy, vibrations, and emotions. This also means the type of reading you are going to get will mostly be based on emotional clarity and guidance.

Tarot Cards

Take note that with tarot card phone reading you might not be working with a developed reader. The good news is that an accurate tarot reading doesn’t necessarily require an intuitive or developed reader.

In addition to assessing what you expect/need from the reading, there is something else you can take away from the information above. When a psychic tells you they can do EVERYTHING, it’s usually a sign to dig a little deeper into their reputation. Because the odds of a psychic being so tremendously gifted doesn’t happen often.

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Go With A Reputable Network

A good way to avoid getting scammed is to review certain psychic networks. And if you think psychics just apply and start working for these networks, think again. With some networks, only 1 in about every 25 applicants get a spot, and the testing can be intense.

However, not every network is going to go to the extremes when it comes to vetting their psychics, which is why you find all the reviews you can get your hands on. Phone psychics quickly build a reputation, especially if they are gifted and honest.

They Are Honest And Ethical

Essentially, the elements of the spiritual realm are not controlled. Instead, psychics tap into these elements and try their best to make sense of it in the world as we know it. But they can neither influence or control what they eventually tap into.

This means not every phone reading is going to consist of a strong connection or clear vision. And when this happens, the psychic will be honest and open about this. When they can’t do a reading, they will stop the call and inform you it’s just too difficult.

A Psychic Usually Specializes In Certain Areas

As mentioned earlier, a tell-tale sign to be doubtful is when the psychic claims to be talented in every area of a reading. Of course, it’s not impossible, but it rarely happens.

Just like everyone else with a talent for something, psychics will find their strong points and focus on these. Maybe they can channel other gifts to a lesser degree, and it definitely helps to enhance their specific talent, but they won’t be “selling” anything less than their best abilities.

Competitive Prices

Lastly, even the best psychics will offer competitive prices. So, if you come across a phone reading that costs substantially more or less than the average competitive rate, it could be cause for concern.

Some final advice before you pick up the phone and make the call, be honest with the reader. More specifically, be open to what the reader is telling you. Get your questions in order as well, and take notes during the reading. You don’t want to miss anything important.