The Top 5 Benefits Of Digital Printing

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Why Choose to invest in digital label printers for your custom labels business?


There are many reasons to opt for digitally printed labels, chief among them the quality of the product. For starters, the printed labels are of high-quality and the colors are exceptionally vibrant. Whereas flexographic presses utilize polymer plates to transfer the print ink onto the material, and thereby create the required graphics, digital presses utilize ink dots.


The dots are used to print the image based on a digital image being used. In actual sense, the process is very much the same as it is when printing with a desktop printer. With this in mind, you can appreciate the ease of use that comes with the digital printing of the labels. If you are interested in setting up a custom label business or if you want to increase the quality of your custom label products as well as increase the capacity of your business, you should consider investing in digital printers.

As such, we have put together an in-depth guide that will acquaint you with the various advantages of digital printing.


#1. Quick Turnaround

The main demerit of using flexographic presses is that you will need to use plates. This means that each color in the graphics will need its own plate to be developed. Developing each plate, as you might appreciate, is a time-consuming process, which negatively affects the turnaround time.


However, with the digital printers, you need not worry about this, as they do not use plates. All you need is to develop a digital image of the graphics to use in the printing. Consequently, it results in shorter setup times and labels can be printed much faster. Furthermore, setup costs are negated as you do not have to develop plates.


#2. Exceptionally High-Quality

For a product label to be effective, it needs to be vibrant, eye-catching, and unique. As such, the quality of graphics needs to be above par, if a business wants to stand a cut above their competition. Digital printers are very effective at producing high-quality graphics that grab attention even from far. Consider this, typically, digital printer produce graphics with double the resolution of the flexographic labels. You can, therefore, expect the digitally printed labels to be clear, sharp, vibrant, and in many cases, life-like.


#3. Price

As alluded to earlier, digital printing of labels tends to be a tad cheaper than the traditional flexographic printing of labels. For starters, printing the using the traditional methods requires the use of intricately designed and developed polymer plates. This process required advanced specialized skills that might are typically expensive in terms of labor costs. They also take a lot of time, which further increases the cost of doing business.


With the digital printing of labels, you do not need plates, which significantly lower the cost of doing business. This is especially true for low run label projects.


#4. Stellar Short-Run Label Projects

As a continuation of the benefit listed above, you should note the cost/benefits associated with digitally printed labels is maximized for short run label projects. Therefore, you can provide high-quality services and products even for people looking for a small number of products, while remaining profitable. Additionally, this technology allows customers to purchase the needed labels rather purchasing in bulks to get the best deal.


#5. Flexibility In Design

For Customers, the flexibility of label design is unmatched. This is very important as it allows businesses to conduct split testing to determine which labels are performing well in as far as attracting their target market. The cost associated with designing and developing new polymer plates are quite high and thus prohibitive for people looking to change their label design. Digital printing does not have any plate design and setup fees which is important as it reduces the costs associated with changing a design.


Design flexibility advantages are also important in that they provide businesses to use variable data printing with exceptional ease and speed at a cost-efficient price point. Variable data printing is a capability that allows printing of custom labels whereby each individual label is designed to have unique information. Therefore, you can barcodes, consecutive numbers, names, and much more, in as far as unique information is concerned.