The Benefits of Blinds for Your Windows

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The windows of the home are so much more than a hole in the wall that will need to be covered. They are your viewing portals to the world beyond and with the proper framing, décor and attention they can significantly improve the visual value of your interior and exterior as well.

The best blinds for your home will provide a stylish overtone while still allowing the proper amount of sunlight and privacy to improve the functionality of your windows. Whether you are choosing a good look for a single window or the look for your entire home, this following article will include an overview of the most important facts to consider for the best possible outcomes.

Consider the Window

Gaining the best benefits of blinds comes by matching the perfect blind to the window. The first step is to consider how your blinds will fit the windows in question, here are some things to look at:

Shape – the shape of the window will determine the best type of blind.

Styles – for a traditional style you can select a wooden Venetian or roll blind if you think a more contemporary look is in order, maybe the shutter style blinds that are so popular now.

Requirements – the best blind for your room will allow the right amount of light at the right times, provide plenty of good viability into your surroundings and still keep the interior of your home hidden from curious eyes.

Select Your Style

After you have looked over your interiors and decided on a few of your most important needs there, you can move on to the fun bit of choosing the best blinds for your home. Following are some of the most fashionable and attractive options available to you along with some information on their special characteristics.

Honeycomb shades – these are typically made from a top-quality polyester and quilted into honeycombed pockets. Flexibility is one of the major selling points and this type of blind can fit all window types. You will also appreciate the noise-dampening thermal barrier these blinds provide.

Wooden / Venetian blinds

one of the most time-honoured types of blinds come in a wide variety of material including durable metal, lightweight vinyl and rustic wood in a wealth of warm tones and beautiful finishes. Modern options offer extensive style options including printed messages and images on each strip. While they are popular and beautiful, they are still a hassle to clean and twice so in very dusty areas.

Vertical blinds

Very long and tall windows, as well as patio sliding doors, are often fitted with an attractive set of vertical blinds. These vertical beauties cast terrific lighting displays and can do much to enhance the height of the room.

Roller blinds

Long before drapery was an art, roller blinds were the intelligent solution to window coverings. Today these stylish window blinds are still a functional and budget-friendly option for all types of homes and are a great celebration of retro décor. Typically roller blinds mean you will have to forgo some lighting control, but total light blocking roller blinds are also available at a slightly higher cost.

Roman blinds

for an option with good lighting control and a stylish look when drawn upwards, the Roman blind is ideal. When drawn closed, these fabric window coverings transform into a pleated element with softer tones and aesthetic appeal.

London blinds

This works like a cross between the roman blind, which gathers into a pleated stack when drawn and the Austrian blinds which use a rucked fabric extending a third of the distance down the window. The London blinds work like a cross between the tow and feature a lovely fullness coming from inverted pleats.

Blackout blinds

Available in Roller or Roman form, these blinds use a special backing that blocks out all light from the room. These can be used in combination with other blinds for a layered look with total lighting control.


A distinctive look and modern features it’s no wonder the shutter type blinds are a popular choice today. There are so many styles, colours and sizes to choose from that they can fit the aesthetics of any room precisely. Furthermore, they offer excellent lighting control and insulation. The only downside is they take up some space either inside or outside the home.