Choosing The Best Caravan

Before you buy a caravan you want to know that you are getting the best.  However, there is no way to say which caravan is the very best for everyone.  Your individual needs will determine which caravan is best and you need to know what will impact your choice.

Your Towing Vehicle

The first factor that impacts which caravan you should get is the vehicle you will use to tow it.  You need to know what the maximum weight the caravan can be based on the car you will use.  To determine this you could find the curb weight from the handbook, divide this by 100 and then multiply by 85.  This gives you an approximation of the average weight your vehicle will be able to tow.

The Size Of The Caravan

Most people will assume that bigger is better as you get more space in the caravan.  However, you need to determine the length of the caravan that you are legally allowed to tow with your vehicle and what you are comfortable with.  A larger caravan is harder to tow as it takes up more space on the road and is affected by the wind much more than a smaller caravan.  

How Many People Use The Caravan

Another factor to consider is how many people are going to be staying in the caravan.  If only 2 people are using it then there is no reason to buy a four berth caravan.  If you are going to use the caravan for holidays with the children you may want to consider a 2 berth with an awning or pup tent.  

It is not only the number of people using the caravan that should be considered but the beds as well.  There are some caravans that have fixed beds which cannot be changed into seats during the day.  You also have to consider the size of the bed and how comfortable they will be to sleep on.

The Caravan Facilities

There are some caravans that do not have bathroom facilities because some people are likely to use a pitch site with good facilities.  If you are only going to sites with good facilities then you might not need a washroom in your caravan and space could be used for something else.  However, you should consider how practical it is to not have a bathroom in your caravan before you buy one.

The Cooker Situation

Most of the newer caravans have cookers built into them along with a microwave.  While this might seem practical you should consider that it adds weight to the caravan and may be unnecessary if you do not cook much when traveling.  If you just have a microwave and are able to hook up to an electrical supply then ready meals will often be easier than cooking in your caravan.

The best caravan will depend greatly on what you want and need.  A caravan that is right for your family may not be right for another and you need to consider this.  To determine the best caravan you should consider the vehicle you have and what you will be doing in the caravan.