Differences between office fitout vs interior design

How A Commercial Office Fitout Differs From Interior Design 

With everyone talking about commercial fitouts and interior designs, you must be so curious on which fitout you need to improve your workplace.  Both interior design and fitouts can help offices become more productive and efficient. These can be achieved provided the design and fitouts suit employee needs and budget.

That’s why you need an expert to have a look at your workplace and advice accordingly. However, the major difference between the commercial fitouts and interior design lies in their respective purpose.  

On commercial fitouts, you look at the structural features of your workstation and determining how it looks and operates. Interior design, on the other hand,  is more on the artistic planning and decoration of a workplace.

In greater detail, these are the major differences between a fitout and an interior design in details.


commercial fitout

Commercial fitouts pay attention to features such as the shapes and sizes of rooms, placement of windows and ventilation, space planning, plumbing, heating, doors, lighting and any other utilities.

interior design


On the other hand interior design is more about the look, style, and feel, of the inside of a workplace. It deals with; choice of colors, decors, flooring, furniture, material texture and designs.

Span, level of activity and disturbance

In case you are wondering how much activity you should expect in your office for any of the two processes? The fact is the period depends on how much change you want to make – a little tweak may last a few days, bigger changes may go a week or more. Though fitouts usually involve more activity and may last longer.

Sometimes for both of the processes, there may be disturbances like noise, air pollution, and restricted movements which might slow down or stop your day to day routine.

Again, this depends on how much you want to do and your approach to the entire process. When planning for any of the two, a good fitout or design expert should consider this and come up with a strategy that will help minimise disorder.

Costs and materials

The cost of a complete commercial fitout might be slightly higher than that of carrying out an interior decoration.

However, these prices may differ depending on the company you choose to work with and the level of fitout or decoration your office needs.

suspended ceiling system

You will also realise that while most fitout companies only specialise on this particular component, others may offer services for the whole project (including design services) from scratch to finish, which involves adding, removing or changing certain aspects in the workroom.

Both of the two involve using high-quality materials, though fitouts use more heavy and complex building material, interior design experts will come with light equipment.



interior designers

Interior designers are companies that monitor your project throughout its entire duration.
Also, they can assist you to understand the requirements of your interior space, develop a design and put it up the accordingly.

A commercial fit-out company, however, carries out the fitout rather than considering the bigger picture of the office once it’s done.

Therefore if you don’t intend to make any substantial changes to your office’s layout or its structure, but would like to freshen up your decoration and give your place of work a new narrative, go for an interior design consultant.

If you wish to make major changes to renovate the way your office runs and feels, it is advisable to consult an accredited commercial fitout expert.

What comes first?

Fitouts should come first, but not in all cases, it depends on how satisfied you are in terms of space utilisation and operations in your organisation. If you feel what you have is perfect but you need to add to the style and looks of your office, you can skip the fitout process and call in an interior designer.

renovation design

In case you need to do a complete renovation, fitout comes first then design later, or immediately after. Alternatively, you may handle the two simultaneously. Why not have both experts work together for a great renovation of your workplace.

Level of skills needed

While fitout is a science, interior design is an art.

For a fitout, you really want to be sure who you trust your office with since you and your staff will have to deal with the outcome thereafter. You should go for certified experts and ask for previous projects to have an idea of their competence since this process involves architectural knowledge.


Interior design doesn’t require any legal requirements, though it can be studied academically, it basically relies on style and one can use it. Anyone can be a good designer as long as they can use the features you have to create something appealing.

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