Everything You Need to Know about Shade Sail Installation

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Ever seen those small eateries on a beach where small tables are set and they are shaded with a huge shade that looks like a ship’s sail? It is a brilliant technology that is now being used to make actual shades. The flexible membranes are tensioned between various anchor points and the shade is fixed permanently.

It is a cost-effective technique to build a shade and the installation is also quite easy.

These shades are mostly used to cover seating areas or covering the swimming pool or even covering your car and making it a makeshift garage.

The Need for Shade Sails

Over the years, the shade sail technology has grown in popularity in various countries. Since it does not require a lot of materials and the installation process is easy, a lot of people are opting for this kind of shade in their backyard and also to protect their cars. Here are a few reasons why you might need shade sails:

Protects from UV rays

One of the important aspects of having this kind of a shade is to protect you and the kids from harmful UV rays. If you install it over the swimming pool, it would come as a relief as the scorching heat will not be able to reach the pool directly and nor will the UV rays.

Keeps out dust and dirt

Trees and plants around the swimming pool or your car can often make the surroundings dirty. The dried leaves, pollens from the plants, and other debris can make the pool water impure. Your car will also be safe under such a shade. You limit the chances of dust and dirt messing up your property or car.

Prevents skin cancer

Australia has the record for the most number of skin cancer patients in the world. It is because of the direct rays of the sun and the effect of the UV rays. That is why you will notice that kindergartens have these shades installed everywhere. This prevents kids from being exposed to the direct UV rays. You can apply the same thing to your house too. The backyard where your kids’ play can be shaded with a sail shade to provide maximum safety and comfort.

How to Install Shade Sails

Residential Installation

Although the shade sail installation is easy enough, you should opt for professional help. If the area that needs to be covered is large, you would have to arrange for support systems that will tie the shade together. Here is an easy guide that will help to understand how the installation is done:

• Select the fixing points

After you have decided on the location, you will have to determine the points and the corners where the shade will hold on to. You need to make sure that the points you choose are strong and sturdy enough to hold the shade and not let it fly away when there is heavy wind blowing.

• Attach the shade to the fixing points

You can use the nearby trees or sundeck or any such strong structure to attach the shade. If the shade is being attached to a tree, then make sure that the tree is strong enough and has a big diameter. It would be better to attach the shade to the fascia with the help of a fascia support because they are more stable than trees.

• Get the footing measurements correct

The footing will be important to keep the shade in shape. A number of posts have to be dug in. So, check the firmness of the ground before digging the hole. An expert installer would be able to figure the exact diameter and depth of the post that will keep the shade safe.

• Connect the dots

This is when the shade will be tied together from one fixing point to the post beside it and so on. One thing to note is that the connections should always face towards the middle, i.e. towards the sail.

• Check the tensioning

There are different accessories like ratchet tensioning tool that helps to check the tension of the all the connected points. You can also increase or decrease the tension depending on how rigid the shade sail is.

That’s all for the installation part. Now, let’s take a quick look at some of the benefits of having a shade sail:

• Extra ventilation

Since these shades are open from the sides, it will allow the air to come in while preventing the heat from settling down from the top. Also, the mesh-type material that constitutes the shade provides extra airflow because of its permeable nature.

• Flexible for installing in small areas

You need not worry about the area where you will install the shade. It is suitable both for bigger and smaller areas.

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