How To Prevent A Crashed Motorcycle


Do you or someone you live own a motorcycle? Driving a motorcycle can mean a greater possibility of an accident. Contrary to what you may think, most motorcycle accidents are caused by the rider and are single vehicle crashes. Even though most motorcycle crashes are caused by the motorcycle or the driver, these types of accidents comprise a very small part of the total vehicle crashes which occur annually. However, motorcycle crashes also result in almost ten percent of all motor vehicle fatalities. There are several things you can do to prevent a motorcycle crash.

The single most important thing a motorcyclist can do to protect themselves from injury is to wear a helmet. Most states require this, but in those that do not, it is still a good idea. The next thing a motorcyclist can do to prevent accidents is to travel at a safe speed. Many motorcyclists travel too fast on their bikes and this often contributes to motorcycle crashes. Speed can also contribute to other types of motorcycle crashes.

A motorcycle will often hit a spot of gravel, sand, or even leaves along the road. If the driver is going too fast, they can spin out and crash. This often happens along a blind curve where it is difficult for the driver to see ahead. The best option in this situation is to enter the curve slowly and widely. This increases your field of vision and then you can slowly pick up speed as you leave the curve. Speaking of corners, they can also prove to be risky.

If you enter a corner too fast, you may not be able to stay upright and successfully navigate the corner. Never ride faster than you can see and use certain visual cues such as signs and telephone poles to gauge the direction the road is taking. This can prove helpful even if you are headed over a blind hill. Sometimes other drivers can cause a tricky situation.

If another driver changes lanes right in front of you, it can be difficult to prevent an accident. Many car drivers have trouble seeing a motorcyclist and may unknowingly enter your path. The best way to prevent this is to be constantly vigilant so you can react quickly in case another driver does not see you.

Motorcycle crashes can be prevented with safe drivers and some common sense. It is also important to wear the correct safety gear to help prevent injuries.