All There Is To Know About Lighting Sydney Homes

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For the most part, many homeowners in and around Sydney consider lighting as just an afterthought while building new houses or renovating their old one. While considering their home style and the overall interior design, homeowners place a priority on other elements such as furniture and decorative items, neglecting the effect lighting will have on their homes. At best, they will place the issue of lighting on the back burner and reckon that they will get back to it at a later point in time as the second phase of the project.

However, many interior designers in Sydney reckon that this is a bad approach. Keeping in mind that the elements in an interior space are meant to complement each other create an awe-invoking style and look that is unique to you, and set the general tone in the space, neglecting a crucial element of interior design can be disastrous to the overall style, feel, and look of a space.

Lighting is not just a matter of having an appliance that produces light to illuminate your house. It can complement to or destroy the looks of any space; it can induce a sense of warmth and homeliness or make your house feel colder. As such, you need to make the lighting of the various spaces in your house a part and parcel of the overall design if you are to achieve a stellar interior design balance.

Lighting Sydney | Satelight

Aside from lighting aiding in your interior design, you should keep in mind that there are numerous lighting styles and designs, all of which yield different effects and create varying ambiances when used. For instance, there is the vintage-style Edison light bulb, paper lampshades, chandeliers, the contemporary light bulbs and light fixtures, and much more. You need to take into account the differences in light bulbs and their fixture in relation to their uses and applications in interior spaces.

As you can appreciate, picking the right lighting for your Sydney home is never straightforward. There are a lot of considerations to have in mind. Nonetheless, this endeavour should not end up being rocket-science-esque. Just following a few general principles and have a good idea of the style you want various spaces in your house to have should be enough.

Determining The Use Of Each Space

The very first step in choosing the perfect lighting Sydney style is to determine the use of each and every space in your house. As you can imagine the lighting requirements for your home office are not the same as the lighting requirement for the living room. Each room demands a certain style of lighting, and therefore, each room needs its own unique lighting design.

Determining the use of every room in the house goes a long way toward helping you figure out which lighting to go for. In this regard, you can opt for functional lighting, decorative lighting, mood lighting, or a combination of these three types of lighting.

Choosing Between Functional Lighting, Decorative Lighting, And Mood Lighting For Lighting Sydney Homes

Each of these styles of lighting has its own purpose. The decorative light, for instance, is used specifically as a decorative piece. More often than not such lighting does emit enough light to be used in any way. In essence, they are statement pieces; good examples are the pendant lights that are used to enhance the prevailing theme and or set a tone of style in the room.

On the other hand, functional light (also known as task light) is the kind of light used to complete certain tasks. For instance, you need functional light in the kitchen to allow cooking to go on unimpeded. This kind of lighting needs to have an on/off switch that is straightforward.

Finally, with regards to mood lighting, it is specifically used to set the mood of the space. These light include the floor and table lamps.

Lighting Sydney Homes: Layering Your Lighting

There is a tendency of focusing on down light only. However, for versatility and balance in lighting, you should consider layering up. To this end, you can use a combination of table lamps, candle lamps, floor lamps, and even the more modern lighting style – track lighting. Table lamps and floor lamps are renowned and typically used to enhance the style of the space and as mood lighting. On the other hand, track lighting can be used as mood lighting.

Finally, it is advised that homeowners retain one general style in the light fittings. If your house is an old style home, you should opt for traditional fitting. The converse is true for contemporary home designs.