Moving Homes Made Easy with Truck Hire Services

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Are you planning to move home within the next few weeks and thinking of a safe way to transport all of your belongings? Well, there is nothing better than hiring a truck to get the work done. Everyone knows that packing and moving can take a significant amount of time. But, what is more important is the safety of the belongings that are to be transported. Truck hire companies provide safe transportation of items. They even go the extra mile to provide trailers that are damage resistant from the inside. But, what is it that makes this service so valuable to homeowners?

Let’s find out.

Quick and reliable

Be it interstate or within the city, truck hire services can provide you with quick and fast transportation.

You would want to call the packers and movers when there is an urgent need to shift a bunch of heavy objects from your home to a safe house. It can be your favorite bike or some heavy furniture or anything of that sort. There is a certain feel of reliability when you hire a truck. The company that provides the truck will also send a team that will load the items in the truck. They get proper training for the loading and unloading of heavy objects. This ensures that the items transported are safely delivered to the end location.

Track the truck

One of the reasons why modern-day truck hire companies have become more popular than ever is that they offer live tracking facilities of their trucks to the clients. You would obviously want to keep track of the truck if you are sending something expensive in it. With live tracking facility, you can see the route that the truck is taking. You will be alerted as soon as the truck leaves from the pickup point. There will be another notification when the truck arrives at the destination and the complete unloading of the items is done. This is a huge bonus for anyone who is transporting their expensive car or some other valuable object in the truck.

Insurance of goods

Ideally, every truck hire company insures the truck that is being rented. In fact, it has become a law to insure all the trucks so that the client can get the equivalent money back in case there is an accident. Although, the chances of accidents and mishaps are quite low, you never know the forces of nature or the carelessness of people on the road. The total cost of the objects will be calculated before the journey starts. You will get the same amount of money back if the entire truck is destroyed and there is nothing to recover from it. If there is at all something that can be recovered, you will get the money for the remaining items that have been destroyed. This is a big reason that has made this service popular.

Transports anything and everything

Be it furniture or precious diamonds or heavy musical instruments or cars, there is a guarantee that truck hire companies will safely transport all the items that fit in the truck. The size is not a problem here and neither is the weight of the objects that will be transported. You will find a wide range of trucks available to be hired by these companies. You can choose the type of truck and fix a deal. Once you inform the goods that will be transported, the company will send a team to examine if all the items will fit in the chosen truck. In case they don’t fit, you will be asked to upgrade to a bigger truck.

Comfortable to move homes

Moving to a new home can be both exciting and frustrating. The fact that you are moving to a new home is something that you will look forward to. But, there will be a deep sense of frustration because you will have to spend a lot of time with the packing and moving team. You can easily turn that frustration into happiness by opting for a truck hire service.

1300 Meteor Rentals is one of the most reliable companies around to provide well-maintained trucks. You can call them up to find out about the charges and areas they cover in Australia.