A Checklist of Camping Essentials | Retreat Caravans

A Checklist of Camping Essentials | Retreat Caravans

Camping with your family can be fun and a memory for a lifetime, but if you don’t want to change this amazing experience into a disaster, you have to be ready with all the essentials before you leave for camping.

Going out into the wood and spending a night under the stars isn’t a very expensive affair. You just need to take care of few basic things, and you are ready to go.

To make sure you enjoy camping to the most and stay safe with your family and friends here is a checklist of few things that you need to pack before you leave.

Camping | Retreat Caravan
What would you do without a tent!

If it’s camping, you need to have a camp to stay in, with your family. So, don’t forget to pack your tent. Most importantly, don’t forget to check the size of the tent when you buy it. Sometimes it’s not as big as mentioned on the pack. So, make sure the tent you are taking along with you, is spacious enough for your family.

Note: If you are planning to rest under the sky, think twice. Unknown places can bring surprises to you. You may need a hideout.

Comfort is on the checklist

Camping is in itself a rocky experience, so you need to have a comfortable, good night sleep to have fun the next morning. All the running, climbing, swimming activities keeps your body active for the whole day, and when you feel tired, you need a comfortable sleep to regain your energy for the upcoming fun next morning.

With these things mentioned below, you can have a sound sleep:

  • ·         Air mattress
  • ·         Blow-up sleep mat
  • ·         Sleeping pillows
  • ·         Sleeping bags

Quantity depends on the number of campers.


Camping should be fun

You are out on vacation, so “fun” should be your priority. When you are out in the woods to play games like hidden treasure, hide n seek and 4-way Tug-of-war. These games can include elders as well as kids.

For the evenings and nights when you are inside the tent and not feeling sleepy you can take uno, playing cards, pen n paper and skipbo along with you.


Be in a great company

When planning to camp, most important is to have good friends and family with you. Boring people can spoil your vacation, so make sure you are with people who love to live every moment.

Have fun!