What Are The Various Types of Concrete Cutting

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The Various Types of Concrete Cutting

In layman’s terms, concrete cutting can be defined as the process of making openings and holes on concrete surfaces like walls, floors, and ceilings. This process can be utilized for more complex tasks along with advanced tools and methods such as coring concrete pile caps to remove unwanted concrete. Some of the biggest challenges that drilling experts face are concrete cutting, sawing, and drilling as concrete is one of the hardest materials to work with because of its tough nature. These experts need specialized tools to get the job done properly and safely without damaging underlying utilities and electrical conduits.

Fortunately, in this day and age, there is an array of different types of concrete saws in the market that are used for doing various types of concrete sawing operations like wet sawing and dry sawing. A concrete saw is simply a high-quality tool that is utilized by drilling experts to make openings and cuts on hard construction materials like bricks, tiles, etc..

This tool can be in the form of a hand-held, or in the big walk behind the form which usually functions with the support of either gasoline or electricity.

Dry Sawing (usually for outdoor projects)

This is a concrete cutting method that is known for the production of enormous dust and that is why it is exclusively used for large outdoor projects. Typically, a diamond blade is utilized for dry sawing techniques to prevent overheating as a result of water absence. Diamond blades are also ideal candidates for dry sawing as they are sturdy and thus ideal for heavy duty tasks and huge outdoor construction schemes. Unlike their counterparts, dry cutting saws tend to give off enormous amounts of dust and flying chips that can be dangerous. As such, they mostly used by professionals not just for their higher power that is ideal for heavy concrete and prolonged projects, but for health concerns as well.

Wet Sawing

This is another popular concrete cutting technique that’s widely accepted across the globe. The technique is characterized by dust reduction, thus protecting the operator’s health. Wet sawing is known to be eco-friendly and thus a much more preferred technique than dry sawing. The blade in this technique remains cool due to water and therefore making it much easier to break through.

The Different Types of Sawing Methods

Floor Sawing

This is the most common technique for cutting holes and making cuts into pavements, roads and bridge decks, especially where weird shapes and sizes need to be cut.

Wire Sawing

This is a technique that is common in the construction industry and it is essential for creating precise openings and cuts in reinforced concrete and steel. If you want to create various accurate shapes in an array of sizes, then there’s no way to do it better than with wire saws.

These wire saws are usually embedded cables utilized for creating openings and holes provide excellent flexibility to operators and help significantly in reducing wastage. Since this technique is an anti-vibration method for making cuts, it doesn’t produce any forms of cracks around the openings created.

Rings Sawing

This is a technique that is mostly used for executing small to medium sized concrete jobs. Ring sawing is quite similar to chain sawing as it creates openings and holes in confined areas with high accuracy and precision.

Wall Sawing

The primary purpose of this sawing technique is to make cuts on vertical structures inside strong concrete like walls. Wall saws are similar to track saws and they are mainly used in buildings to create openings like windows and doors.

As you can see, there are various techniques for concrete cutting and you can tell that the process has its difficulties because of the need for accurate and safe cuts. As such, concrete cutting is not recommended even for aspiring DIYers and is best handled by a professional concrete cutting Melbourne company.

Also, most projects can’t be completed with a single saw. More often than not, different saws and blades are needed to properly handle the project. So, instead of purchasing more saws, it’s usually better to hire a company that has an excellent collection of blades and saws. It’s always advisable to check the tools and equipment before work begins. The blades need to be in the best condition. They ideally need to be sharp or otherwise, the cutting will be less effective and time-consuming.

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